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The Institute for Supply Management - Connecticut Inc. (ISM-CT), formerly the Connecticut Association of Purchasing Management, Inc (CAPM), has closed. 

We have been approached by CIPS – the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply to become the very first branch in the US!   CIPS is a UK headquartered, non-profit, membership based organization.  They have a global community of over 200,000 members across 180 countries.  Their operating locations are in Europe, MENA, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana and Australasia.  

In the last year, they have been investing in and growing a North American presence, with new offices in Chicago.  CIPS is highly regarded – the largest global body in procurement and supply – whose prime focus is to support and advance the profession.   Now they are ready to open "Branches" for members here and Connecticut will be their first! 

They have asked for the opportunity to work with us as follows:

1) provide resources to assess with us 

  • What a totally new CT organization, devoted to supply management professionals, would offer and look like.  
  • This would reflect a view towards the future of how best to meet member goals and demands, with the highest value offerings. 

2) provide an interim level of support to keep in a “holding pattern”, 

  • Our website
  • Have a portal linking CIPS-CT  to CIPS information.


  • to share your views 
  • your insights 
  • your desires on what will be most impactful and valuable for you and your respective organizations.  

A survey will be sent soon to help form this new organization for the supply management professional. 

You can read more about CIPS on their website www.cips.org


John Toto, C.P.M.




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